MutinyWerks Offers the following services. These can be bundled and tailored to meet any need and / or budget!

Web Development is the coding and logical structure of the website. Often written using HTML and CSS for layout, with Javascript (or JS Framework) being used to control site behaviors. Some sites, like this one, also use PHP for backend communication with the hosting server using SQL queries. These tasks often take the most work, which is why they are the most expensive.

Web Design is the service that determines how a site looks - everything from color palettes to page hierarchy to layout. Without proper design, developers don't have a guide to code with.

We are more than happy to just give advice or some technical help with your site if that's all that's needed! Feel free to reach out!

Social Media Marketing is literally designing and deploying ads foruse on social media platforms, like LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. Social media Marketing differs a bit from your standard web marketing in that each platform serves a different demographic. If you're mostly targeting professionals you'll want to use a format tailored to LinkedIn. If you're trying to attract small business owners, Facebook would be a better target. Twitter is good place to post links that point back to content and ads.

Social Media Management is a service that allows customers to offload some of the content creation for social media to someone else, so they can concentrate on running or producing for their business.

Not long after the web became popular search engines started to crop up. These engines use key terms and content assessment algorithms to determine how relevant a given site is to a search term being used by someone trying to find something online. SEO is a service that ensures your site comes up on the first page of those search results when a term or group of terms that are relevant to your site are used.

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