The Relationship Between Web Development and Marketing #3: Reconciling Concepts with Reality

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Sorry for the delay in getting this post, which is the last of my short series on the relationship between web development and Marketing, out to you. Today, I would like to talk about reconciling concepts with reality. Now, this may be unfamiliar territory for some, because in today’s world, most any design can be realized on the web. However, there are still exceptions

and until about seven to nine years ago, those exceptions were manifold.

For Marketers and Designers, when we work with print media, the sky is often the limit. If you can create it, someone, somewhere can print it. Often, when designing an advertisement, you try to design it for both print and web, and while you can put any kind of picture on a web page, the design needs to account for displaying on different devices, like phones, tablets, smaller laptops, and larger laptops / desktops. In layman terms, this means that whatever design you go with needs to look good at multiple resolutions. Often the easy way to work around this is to create your designs for higher resolutions first, then resize down to fit smaller formats as needed – luckily, if you have a developer that knows how to use media queries (it’s a requirement these days, really) then most any design you use will size down on it’s own based on the resolution of whatever screen they are viewing the content on.

There are also certain media types (video, for instance) that work better on faster connections, and not so much on slower ones. Now, a good developer can make your video content work on your site, but the marketer should also have a good view of the target audience – including the average type and speed of internet connection they are most likely to have. This will tell the developer (or any IT person, really) what video formats would work best, which in turn informs the designers, marketers and content creators on what format to record.

In short, any concept can be made to work on the web, but will only perform at it’s peak when marketers and web developers work together!

That concludes this (hopefully informative) series. As always, if you’d like to see more content like this, or you’d like to talk to us about a project you’re working on or need to have done, feel free to reach out and let us know!

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