The Relationship Between Marketing and Web Development Part 2: Message

Morning Again!

In this post, I would like to talk about messaging. Like we talked about last week, there are several ways Marketing and Web Development need to co-exist. When it comes to messaging, this is especially true.

In Advertising the message that is conveyed literally means the difference between customers choosing to engage with your business or not to. If the website and advertisements do not have similar or identical messaging, it could raise suspicions.

This is where things like online shopping habits become a factor. In today’s digital climate, people are wary of scams. They can be anything from random royalty making promises to ‘CLICK HERE RIGHT NAOW FOR BESTEST DEAL EVAR’ – all designed to entice someone to participate. Scams pop up in people’s email boxes on a regular basis.

Unfortunately, advertising email campaigns work in a similar fashion; they convey a message intended to entice people to buy a product or service. In order to differentiate your offer from the scams, whatever place you direct your customers to need to echo that messaging, appearance and feel.

If your ad hits their email, and they click on it, and the website looks or even feels like it’s from a different world, people will dismiss it as a scam, or possibly a bad link.

The good news here is it’s super easy to make sure your messaging stays consistent between mediums. It starts with open communication between teams, and can be supported through the use of style guides and internal newsletter emails to provide both teams with updates on things like style and messaging. It’s like the saying goes – team work makes the dream work!

Speaking of teams, if there is any way Mutinywerks can help you or your business with messaging, web design, or whatever, feel free to reach out!

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